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Leaving town?  Vacationing in the Charleston area?  Make the Wag Factory your dog’s “Home Away From Home”.   Add Doggie Daycare to your pet’s stay for a discounted $18 per day and they will be dog-tired by bed time.  Don’t forget a Going Home Bath to ensure your dog is fresh and clean at pick-up!

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Treat your dog to a day at the spa!  Let our professional groomer, Dori, pamper your pet with a bath, light trim, or a complete doggy makeover.  Combined with a half-day of Dog Daycare, your dog will come home feeling happy, clean, and smelling good.  Schedule an appointment today!

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Facebook, Pinterest, and Wag Factory “Wagcams” – your new internet addiction will be watching your dog play live.  Always 100% staff-supervised, our indoor playrooms stay super-cool with an oversized AC unit and our outdoor play surface is artificial grass, the cleanest and safest for your dog!

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